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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whats IN, whats OUT

* HEYYY, so everyone needs to know what's in season with-

out reading a magazine or asking your best friend sounding 

like a crazy person, AGREED?Summer's almost over,almost. 

What way to end the amazing, sizzling summer season then

to list all of the trends and styles that occurred so you'll be

prepared for school or maybe next summer! Here are some

of the trends you might of missed out on and where to get it!

  • Blazers are so in! Buy a coral one or a white one or both like I did at H&M for 48$ :)
  • Prints are a must for summer AND fall. Whether it's floral or leopard print, you'll be in style!
  • OMG suede fringe bags are everywhere! Buy one for 23$ at Charlotte Russe or Forever 21!
  • Lace tops are hot and you can buy them at almost any clothing store!
  • Who can forget denim? And flats? BOTH are adorable and the best place to get them is Aeropostale and Hollister!
  • Pretty nails are in, go to Sephora and buy a new set of OPI or Essie nail polish! :)
  • The T-strap sandals/flip flops are being devoured so buy a pair at any shoe store!
Thanks for reading, if you have any questions then comment

please! <3

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