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Friday, August 24, 2012

Top Tips for Staying "Cool"

*EH MI GAWD I'm so sorry guys that I didn't write a new post 

yesterday. I am just really busy with facebook, twitter, gmail,

my other blog, polyvore, and school which starts on Tuesday 

for me! I just took a tour/orientation at my high school cus I 

am going to be a freshman, and it was big and scary and so 

hot! I signed up for freshman class council and cross 

country, I gotta keep my body fit :P!Anyways, here are some

tips for staying cool for school!

  • Never overdress, it could get pretty sticky!

  • Wear something sleeveless or strapless, if you can't then put a small cover up over it!

  • Make sure to dress in shorts or skirts until it gets cooler to start wearing jeans!
  • Always have a pair of shades and throw on some accessories to top off a look!
 Thanks for reading, I'll post maybe a couple of days? In the 

 meantime, here is my link to my newest polyvore creation!
 I <3 You!


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