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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whats IN, whats OUT

* HEYYY, so everyone needs to know what's in season with-

out reading a magazine or asking your best friend sounding 

like a crazy person, AGREED?Summer's almost over,almost. 

What way to end the amazing, sizzling summer season then

to list all of the trends and styles that occurred so you'll be

prepared for school or maybe next summer! Here are some

of the trends you might of missed out on and where to get it!

  • Blazers are so in! Buy a coral one or a white one or both like I did at H&M for 48$ :)
  • Prints are a must for summer AND fall. Whether it's floral or leopard print, you'll be in style!
  • OMG suede fringe bags are everywhere! Buy one for 23$ at Charlotte Russe or Forever 21!
  • Lace tops are hot and you can buy them at almost any clothing store!
  • Who can forget denim? And flats? BOTH are adorable and the best place to get them is Aeropostale and Hollister!
  • Pretty nails are in, go to Sephora and buy a new set of OPI or Essie nail polish! :)
  • The T-strap sandals/flip flops are being devoured so buy a pair at any shoe store!
Thanks for reading, if you have any questions then comment

please! <3

Friday, August 24, 2012

Top Tips for Staying "Cool"

*EH MI GAWD I'm so sorry guys that I didn't write a new post 

yesterday. I am just really busy with facebook, twitter, gmail,

my other blog, polyvore, and school which starts on Tuesday 

for me! I just took a tour/orientation at my high school cus I 

am going to be a freshman, and it was big and scary and so 

hot! I signed up for freshman class council and cross 

country, I gotta keep my body fit :P!Anyways, here are some

tips for staying cool for school!

  • Never overdress, it could get pretty sticky!

  • Wear something sleeveless or strapless, if you can't then put a small cover up over it!

  • Make sure to dress in shorts or skirts until it gets cooler to start wearing jeans!
  • Always have a pair of shades and throw on some accessories to top off a look!
 Thanks for reading, I'll post maybe a couple of days? In the 

 meantime, here is my link to my newest polyvore creation!
 I <3 You!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Questions...I need answers!

* Fashion Emergency, Code Red! Notice I 

 didn't use my signature color :P ? I need 

 your answers and replies to my question! I'll   

 pick the best one and share it! Here it is-   

 What do you wear to school that has a mix 

 of chic, school girl, and you? I could even 

 make it into a real outfit! So comment and 

 follow my blog! Thanks <3

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My support!

* Hey guys it's me again! If you want to see some of my outfit

 creations click below to Polyvore (my inspiration!) which is a  

 clothing blog! The website includes a sample outfit of what 

 to wear on the first day of school! Everyone loves school 

 clothes shopping right? Thanks! <3


*Hey guys its EmKay fashion styles and trends! I'm a new 

blogger, so don't hate ;). Anyways, this is my signature color

so you will know it is me! I talk about fashion, clothing,

accessories, shopping, make-up, and sooo many other 

things! School is coming up so I'll have something for you 

fashionistas and people who are interested! I started out as 

a Polyvore blogger and here's the link if you want to see 

some of my creations!

Thanks! <3